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Cork vs Waterford Live Stream

Cork v Waterford 2017 All Ireland Hurling semi final this weekend kick off Sunday, 13, August at 03:30 pm. Get Online access Cork vs Waterford Live Streaming on Sky Sports. Cork vs Waterford 2017 watch live coverage on any time any where. No tension our service is totally safety you can refund your subscription in 7 days. So make sing up here and enjoy Cork vs Waterford this weekend.

Cork v Waterford

It was written in order to avoid fixating on the case of Tadhg de Búrca, an inoffensive young man who’s unlikely to rain down fire and fury on anyone but who was caught bang to rights at Páirc Uí Chaoimh last month.

While Waterford’s prospects tomorrow were always going to be healthier with de Búrca on the field rather than in the stand, to get worked up about his presence or absence was to risk concentrating on the frame and ignoring the painting. The real issue for Derek McGrath’s side was always going to be whether they scored enough to compile a winning tally.

Nothing has changed since the early hours of Friday morning. It still is. So what kind of quota will they need to surpass? Let’s run a few numbers. Hold tight. This will be really exciting. Cork have returned 2-27, 0-23 and 1-25 in their three outings to date for an average of 1-25 a game.

Cork vs Waterford

Suppose for the sake of argument and for sundry reasons – they’re a new collective, they’re not battle hardened, Croke Park plays slightly smaller than Semple Stadium and any other caveats you care to think of – they hit slightly less tomorrow. They finish up with 1-22 or 0-23, something in that ballpark, on the scoreboard.

Not a daunting yardstick. Not daunting for Galway or Tipperary. But quite the ask for a team fielding five forwards, a team who in three of their four fixtures this summer – the qualifier win against Offaly is discounted here on the grounds of non-competitive practices – have registered 1-15, 2-15 and 1-23.

That 1-23 last time out was satisfactory, even if it came against a Wexford team running on physical and psychological fumes. If you’re so inclined you can dismiss their 1-15 in the Munster
semi-final on the basis that they simply failed to get off the bus the same day.

It’s the 2-15 in normal time against the most limited Kilkenny team in two decades that niggles. Is a team that has failed to break the 20-point barrier on two occasions recently likely to outscore a team that manages the trick every day?

If all of the above has lulled you into a mild stupor, apologies. No two games are ever the same and trying to work out the outcome of a hurling match cannot be reduced to a joyless exercise in mathematics. The play’s the thing.

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